With the baseline of market intelligence information in our Database, TUDLA can help clients define, build, and execute a variety of solutions, such as custom lead qualification, event or telemarketing, and telesales.

Plus, TUDLA-Live! provides our clients with access to our Data Entry System. Hence, as we complete an interview and uncover that a business is looking to purchase hardware or software or networking solutions, we allow our clients to see those planned purchases instantly once we close the survey.

MarketPointe, a set of Tableau dashboards from our partner KDD Analytics, facilitates analysis of all our data for our subscribers. For example, a typical search might be “Who looks the most like my current customers and might thus be a great prospect?”

We do understand how companies, both those we gather data on and those that we sell our data to, are structured. We are very respectful of the decision-making process and work hard to make sure we respect the sharing of data based on our clients’ rules.

Additionally, we are building our file top-down and bottom-up, and parent linkage is a key attribute of the TUDLA file.

TUDCO/TUDLA hosts all primary phone interview data on our SQL Server. After merging, purging, normalizing, and de-duping all the source data, a version is uploaded to our LeadMaster cloud-deployed file. This deliverable option to the client is a very robust search, browse, and download platform that serves both our external clients and our internal analytics and phone interview team. In essence, our internal team updates our Business Intelligence file. Our Analytics and Sales and Marketing teams have full access for monitoring and analyzing the data but can’t alter the site profiles.