TUDLA (Technology User Database Latin America) * is the world’s leading source of market intelligence specializing in technology usage by companies in Latin America and the Caribbean. Since our founding in 1999, marketing and sales professionals in the technology industry have relied on TUDLA to support their strategies for entry or expansion into the Latin American market.

Over the course of our 18-year history, TUDLA has built and maintained a syndicated database of market intelligence information about businesses in Latin America and the Caribbean. Today, the TUDLA database contains over 1 million business sites across the region with basic firmagraphic information; many of which also have information on technology presence.

Our TUDLA-Live! database is a phone-verified subset of our TUDLA database.  With nearly 70,000 business sites, TUDLA-Live! includes firmagraphics, contacts with direct phone numbers and opt-in email addresses, and full technology profiles with hardware, software, and telecom information. TUDLA-Live! market intelligence information is based exclusively on our own primary research.  Using our in-region call center, we regularly interview IT Decision-Makers across the region to collect, update, and validate the information in our TUDLA-Live! database.  And we use our call center to collect and verify information from business sites in our larger TUDLA database on a project basis.

Leveraging this rich market intelligence, TUDLA has built a suite of sales and marketing solutions for its clients. Whether you are looking for full data integration with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Marketing Automation platforms; or require a continuous supply of leads for demand generation activities; or simply need a one-off list of competitor targets in a specific industry or country, TUDLA has your solution.

Gary Gorton, with 38 years of experience providing market intelligence and sales solutions for technology companies, founded TUDLA in 1999.  Over the years, he has built a team of over 15 professionals including subject matter experts and partners that has resulted in the TUDLA of today.  Follow Gary and TUDLA on LinkedIn for more information.


Key Team Members

Rosalia Comeau, Business Development

Kevin Duffy-Deno, Analytics

Israel Ruvalcabla, Call Center Manager

Mary Williams, Operations


*TUDLA is a TUDCO (Technology User Databases, Inc.) company.