Large Global Hardware Vendor

TUDLA assisted this vendor’s CRM team in identifying over 50,000 top enterprise accounts for their sales launch into the LATAM Region. This effort succeeded in growing their LATAM market share from 0% in 1999 to where it is today, over 27%.


Large Global Software Provider

TUDLA was one of several data providers selected to resolve over 2 million B2B email addresses that were not identifiable via D&B. The end result was an amazing 65% resolution success rate. This client doubled their prospect base overnight!


Large Global Network Solution Provider

Over the years, this client has not only depended on TUDLA’s database for updating and maintaining their CRM file but also as a source for sales leads. As a TUDLA-Live! user, they look forward to the HotLeads that are generated from the daily phone interviews made by TUDLA’s Call Center.  These HotLeads have provided a consistent 25% uplift in the leads provided to their sales teams.


Large Global Solution Provider

This provider continually uses TUDLA-Live! data for their lead generation projects.  Because all TUDLA-Live! data is phone verified, this provider can count on over 90% deliverable rate due to the Opt-In approval given by the interviewee.