We publish HotLeads based on the client market needs on a daily basis. In essence, our internal team has access, with only our data entry/phone interviewers being able to add, delete, or update our Business Intelligence file.

Our Analytics and Sales and Marketing teams have full access for monitoring and analyzing the data but can’t alter the site profiles. This version is called TUDLA-Live!, as it is truly moment-by-moment access to our interviewed data portion of our file.

The client version of TUDLA-Live! is relevant to just the LATAM region at this time, as this is the only market in which we do phone validation of our data.

Our cloud-based TUDLA-Live! and now TUDLA-Plus!, powered by LeadMaster, can be augmented with our clients’ rules as to what data is available to their various marketing groups.

We have an All-Inclusive Unlimited Usage plan as well as a Self-Serve Pay-As-You-Go option.

We don’t report or track the specific searches that our clients do, as we protect their privacy in this regard. HotLeads are built into all of our service options.