One-off extracts of our Database selected by firmographic or technology criteria (with or without client-supplied matching or suppression lists). Clients generally use our Targeted Lists of business sites or people contacts to support their marketing campaigns and events.

We have many clients, and all have varying target market needs; the data is syndicated, but the use is confidential to all.

The LeadMaster TUDLA platform has built-in customization so that the client/vendor can create their own filtering and monitoring routines for both their direct and indirect sales teams.

We encourage sharing access with your third-party sales partners.

Our partners provide API access. We provide our cloud/LeadMaster access that functions like an API with a browse, retrieve, and download option.

We give you the best of both worlds. The TUDLA data is updated in real time; partner data is updated monthly. We add, delete, and edit records continuously.

Our LeadMaster CRM/Call Center Management tool is a cloud-based solution and is compatible with any and all CRMs or marketing automation tools.